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Laser Wall Ride RC

Laser Wall Ride RC

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Laser Wall Ride RC!

Use the laser controller to spot the laser light beam on the wall, ceiling, or floor, and the zero-gravity laser racing car will make the light in any direction. Our wall climbing car can be used on any smooth surface.
The product is made of plastic material, which is safe and environmentally friendly, and children can use it with confidence. An ultra-lightweight yet heavy-duty and shockproof body that won't break if it falls from the ceiling or wall. Rotate in 360 degrees when racing, forwarding, and reversing. A race car and makes a great gift for kids 3 and up. The zero-gravity laser is USB rechargeable.
Using the latest in suction technology, the gravity-defying car can drive on any smooth surface such as floors, walls, windows, glass, and even ceilings!
Stylish and unique design makes it a special gift for your children or for yourself, suitable for all occasions.
Age: 3+
Charging time: 30-40 minutes
Remote control battery: 3 AAA batteries (not included)
Package Includes:
1 * Remote control Car
1 * USB charging cable
1 * Remote control
1 * Manual

Infrared induction wall climbing car

Gravity racing

Stunt climbing wall

Remote control car

Multiple play modes

You can climb and drive on the wall/ceiling/floor/smooth glass and experience the many happiness that a car brings you!

Lightweight body

The car shell is made of lightweight plastic, which makes it easier for the car to be attached to a smooth wall

Laser control

Point the laser beam at any place on the wall, ceiling or ground to control the direction of the car

Resistance to gravity, unimpeded

With the grip technology, the gravity racing car will take you to resist the force of gravity and fly on the smooth surface

Multi-directional flexible control

Use the laser to remotely control multiple forward directions of the car tocontrol the car to spin or spin

Adjustable Third Gear

● Left:Turn Off
● Middle: On ground
● Right: Up Wall

With Led Light

● With the led light it wiil be so much fun playing at night

Extraordinary Adsorption Capacity

● Extraordinary adsorption capacity, that make the car wandering around the wall even easier,it goes smoothly

Three Operation Mode

1. On Ground
2. On Ceilings
3. Up Walls

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