About Us

Who Are You?
For almost 25 years, owner John Eagan and his family have been providing the greater Chicagoland and Northwest Indiana region with outstanding hobby products and service for almost 25 years.  After become a well-respected eBay power seller, Hoosier Hobbies quickly became The Region's leading online hobby shop.

Where's The Shopping Cart?
We have a dynamic and unique inventory of both new arrivals and golden gems.  Keeping up with our inventory would be nearly impossible because of its nature.  In addition, shopping carts require expensive maintenance costs.  It is the Hoosier Hobbies philosophy to take these savings and pass them on to you!  We do our best to update our inventory each week, but please be understanding if an item is unavailable.

Okay, How Do I Order?
Find products on our website by browsing a category to your left, or use our custom Google search page.  Once you see a product that you are interested in, send us an email at
info@hoosierhobbies.net.  We'll take a look through our expansive inventory and let you know whether or not the item is still available.  We can even quote you a shipping estimate!

I've Got More Questions...
Great, we'd love to hear from you!  Send us an email at